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Wild Bird Care

Feeding your feathered friends.

Blue TitAt Emcy we have everything you need to feed a multitude of wild birds, and attract them to your garden. We have a vast range of feeds and feeders for a whole range of garden birds. Don't forget to leave out fresh water for the birds, too - this is especially important during the frozen winter months when they can struggle for access to water. High fat foods are good during these colder times, too - helping the birds keep up their energy reserves and stay warm. You may notice flurries of activity during the early morning as the birds replensish energry lost during the cold night, or in the late afternoons as they stock up for the night ahead.

If there's one thing that divides bird lovers, it's squirrels. To many these creatures can be a pain, stealing food and making a mess. Other people however, delight in their acrobatic scampering. Whichever side of the fence you come down on, we're here to help. At Emcy we have a large range of squirrel-proof feeders, allowing to you put out birdfood without fear of it getting stolen. We also, for you squirrel lovers, stock a range of Squirrel food, so you can make the most of your furry and feathered friends.

Current Best Sellers

Some of our current range of wild bird care best sellers:

12.75kg Wild Bird Food - £9.99

12.75kg Peanuts - £29.99

12.75kg Black Sunflower Seed - £16.99

12.75kg Sunflower Hearts - £26.99

50 Suet Balls - £8.99