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Wild Bird Care

Emcy is Number 1 for Wild Bird Care!

Blue TitAt Emcy we have everything you need to feed a multitude of wild birds, and attract them to your garden. Peanuts, sunflower seed, and hearts; mealworms, suet balls, and feeders - we have everything you need and well and a great selection of bird houses, tables and feeding stations - pop in store and see for yourself!


Further Price Reductions

We know how important feeding the birds is to our customers, so we have recently further reduced our prices on Wild Bird Care in order to save you even more!

12.75kg Wild Bird Food - Now only £7.99

12.75kg Peanuts - Now only £25.99

12.75kg Black Sunflower Seed - Now only £14.99

12.75kg Sunflower Hearts - Now only £25.99

50 Premium Quality Suet Balls - Now only £7.99

50 Fat Balls - Now Only £6.99

1kg Mealworms - Now only £14.99