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Outdoor Living in style


Make the most of your home's outdoor room


set of furnitureOur Outdoor Living showroom is one of the largest displays of leisure products in the region. We carry furniture from Alexander Rose, Lilo-Leisure, Idle Rose, Zest4Leisure, Garden Nation and more. We have styles to suit all tastes, materials to suit all conditions and prices to suit all budgets.

We have numerous garden benches in many styles and materials, perfecting for placing in a sunny spot and relaxing - or for commemorating a loved one who has sadly passed away.

Garden furniture comes in a huge array of styles and materials. Hardwood is traditional and timeless, and if looked after will last a lifetime. Look for well know hardwoods like Teak or Iroko. Pine, a softwood is often used for making garden furniture and is strong and durable - but will require treatment.

Metal has long been used for garden furniture, with cast iron slowly giving way to more modern stylings in aluminium and stainless steel.

Come down and see our show room, and see for yourself the various styles and combinations available to make your garden really special.


barbecuePeople love barbecues, and that's a fact. We don't know if it's the social aspect or simply the unique opportunity to cook al fresco and enjoy the weather - but we think food always tastes better when cooked on a barbecue.

Charcoal or Gas? - Barbecue purists will tell you nothing beats the taste and smell of a charcoal barbecue, but the speed and convenience of a gas barbecue come pretty close!

We have a both kinds of barbecue in stock, and as well as selling charcoal, we're agents for GasLight - so no matter what barbecue you choose, you won't have to worry about the fuel.

What size barbecue do you need? Well, that depends on how often you'll use it and how many people you're cooking for.

We have various sizes and capacities in stock, from small portable picnic barbecues - which are ideal for the back of the car or on the beach to big 6 burner gas barbecues that cook enough for a large gathering. If you have any queries or questions, or are simply looking for some advice on what product is best for your needs, our staff will be only too pleased to help you.

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