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"Grow Your Own" - Advice & Tips

General advice for vegetable & allotment gardening


Digging potoatesThe fruit garden is one area where there is not a lot to do during April - other than keeping weeds down by hoeing and hand-weeding.

Plant strawberry plants in planters or hanging baskets for a attractive and tasty crop, and protect fruit trees and gooseberries with netting to protect from birds - or cosider building/purcahsing a fruit-cage for added protection.

Havest rhubarb if grown, or keep the forcer on and consider covering in horse manure for added heat and dramatic results. Don't forget slugs and snails enjoy rhubarb, so surround vulnerable plants with sharb grit or Slug Barrier.



Many vegetable crops can be sown as seed this month - check the packet instructions and plant away! Don't forget, we have a huge range of seeds from Johnson's and Mr Fothergill's - all at 20% off so there's never been a better time to try your hand at growing your own.

For those daunted by the prospect of growing from seed we also stock a large range of vegetable, salad and herb plants to help your kitchen garden grow. Be prapared to protect them with frost fleece should the weather turn icy. New to Grow Your Own, or want some advice? Our staff are happy to help.

Now is the time to plant seed potatoes, as well as onion sets, shallots, garlic and aspargus crowns. If you have a frost-free greenhouse, you can make a start on the summer crops like peppers, aubergine, tomatoes and salad crops - although it can still be a bit too early for cucumbers in a cold greenhouse. We sell most of these plants here at Emcy and can offer advice when purchasing.