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Grow Your Own

Everything needed by the 'Grow your own' Gardener

Raised Vegetable bedWith more and more people returning to the ways of self-sufficiency, the Grow Your Own market has increased significantly. People still work long hours, and may not have as much time to spend looking after their fruits and vegetables. Here at Emcy we stock a wide range of Grown Your Own products that help to makes things easier.

Mini-greenhouses, cloches and specialist tubs for herb/strawberries are just a few examples of the range of goods on offer. Raised vegetable beds, hanging growing pots - there's something here to give everyone a chance to grow their own, even if they don't have a large garden or an allotment.

mini greenhouseYou don't even need ANY garden space to get in on the act - you can grow herbs and chillies on a sunny windowsill. Potatoes can be grown in tubs or bags on a patio or balcony and you can plant strawberries in hanging baskets - there's no excuse not to discover the joys (and flavours) of growing your own food.

If you need any advice on our range of Grow your own products, our staff will be only too hapy to assist you.