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Emcy's Gardening Tips

April Gardening

Our staff at Emcy are here to assist you with all of your gardening and leisure needs. We offer traditional high levels of service and advice, combined with some of the best prices in North Norfolk. If you have not visited us yet we would love to see you, if you are one of our 1000's of regular customers, why not pop in to see us this week and bring the family or friends for morning coffee, afternoon tea or perhaps one of our delicious home made snacks or lunches?

General Garden Tasks

Beware of late frosts - keep vulnerable plants and tender new shoots protected at night with frost fleece if frost is forecast.

Don't put out tender bedding until the risk of frost is reduced, and be prepared to cover them if necessary.

Deadhead narcissi and daffodils and feed them with a liquid feed or a sprinkling of Bonemeal/Fish, Blood & Bone and let them die down. Don't remove the leaves as they are necessary for bulb replenishment.

Spring clean the garden - clean patios and paths with Patio Magic or Algon, and hoe the borders before weeds can really take hold. If the weather is dry, weeds such as ground elder can be attacked with a glyphosate-based systemic weed killer such as Roundup.

Now is a good time to mulch before the growth really takes off. Use general purpose compost, well-rotted manure or a ready-made soil conditioner such as Broadland. Add a general purpose fertiliser (Growmore, Fish, Blood & Bone; Bonemeal or chicken manure pellets) before covering with mulch, in particular in containers, borders and the veg patch.

Clean and repair or replace your garden tools and check garden furniture for any rot and treat fences, sheds and trellis with a wood preservative like Cuprinol.

Image of SlugSlugs and snails love tulips and tender young shoots of plants like delphiniums so now is a good time to use pet-friendly slug pellets and barriers, or to drench the ground with a liquid slug killer. Keep an eye out for vine-weevil damage and treat with a product like Bayer Provado.

April Lawn Care

Most lawns are not looking at their best as yet. The wet winter has created a huge problem with moss on lawns and elsewhere in the garden.

Burning off moss with a suitable lawn treatment is easy, but unless the conditions that favour its growth are changed, then the moss will return, springing up from spores that remain on the soil surface.

A lawn treatment such as Evergreen 4-in-1 will kill the moss and weeds as well as adding nutrients to the lawn to encourage new growth. After a couple of weeks the moss will blacken, and can be removed by raking vigorously with a spring-tined lawn rake or scarifier, this will help to improve drainage and discourage weed and moss growth. The collected material and debris can be put on your compost heap or disposed of in garden waste bin.

Feed later on in the spring with a lawn feed and kill any remaining weeds with a lawn-weed killer such as Verdone. Mow regularly and overseed bare patches with grass seed or Patch Magic.

Now is the ideal time to sow new lawns on prepared ground - if you are unsure, our staff our happy to advise - please ask.

Trees, Shrubs & Climbers

Plant and move evergreen shrubs, conifers and small trees and remember to water them well until firmly established. Plant evergreen hedges such as laurel, box and yew and water well.

Feed woody plants with Growmore, Blood, Fish & Bone or Bonemeal - this applies to roses, trees, climbers, hedges & shrubs.

Feed acid-loving plants such as camellias and rhododendrons with an ericaceous feed such as Miracle-Gro ericaceous food, or Murphy Sequestrene.

Finish pruning roses and a treat them with a fungicide such as RoseClear to help ward of blackspot and mildew and repeat every fortnight until the Autumn.

Wild Bird Care

blue tit feeds its youngWe stock a large range of safe, high-quality bird food that will attract a wide variety of birds to your garden.

Never put out loose, whole peanuts this time of year - they can be a danger to young birds. If you are putting out peanuts, make sure they go in a peanut feeder. We also stock Fledgling Food - a special mix of kibbled nuts, mixed seed and mealworms, which is high in protein and safe for young birds.

We stock a wide range of feeds, feeding stations and bird tables to attract your feathered friends to the garden.